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Honda NSX and its almost potent mid engine  

This is my favorite car in the world. It was introduced to the world in 1990. Its design is still relevant until today. It was designed with the help of Ayrton Senna, arguable one of the best F1 driver ever. What I want to emphasize is the engine. It is mid engine. Why do most of the supercar manufacturers place an engine in the middle of the car instead of in the front? Answer is balance and center of gravity. By placing it in the mid area, the car is balance and the control is more predictable.

The NSX initial powerplant is a V6 3.0 L engine generating max 270 hp (@ 7100 rpm) and 210 lbs-ft (@ 5300 rpm). Its manufacturer's code C30A. The engine redline at 8000 rpm.

After 1995, the competition is getting faster and more power. So Honda decided to up its power plant with a V6 3.2 L that generates max 290 hp (@ 7100 rpm) and 224 lbs-ft (@ 5500 rpm). Engine redline is also at 8000 rpm. Manufacturer code is called C32B. It seems like it is not a lot of power, but with the NSX lightweight aluminium monocoque design, it helps being the car to another level.

It is really sad to see this car being discontinued in 2005. The new NSX is rumored to have a bigger engine. It will have a V10 500hp with Honda's SH-AWD system as the main drive train platform. The V10 will be placed in the front of the car. This does not really translate to the heritage of the original NSX. I am really sad they made this decision. The Everyday Super Car will always live in the heart of drivers that have driven one before. I vowed that one day I will own the NSX.

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