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Toyota 2JZ Inline 6 series engine  

The Toyota 2JZ engine series is the one of three inline 6 that I admire a lot. Others are the BMW I6 and the Skyline RB series. Most of these engines are replaced by their more efficient V6 but the BMW I6 is still relevant and has moved to higher fuel efficiency and also horse power.

I owned a 2JZ-GE engine before. It comes in the form of a GS300. It has 220 Hp and 220 ft-lb. It is very well balance, quiet and has tremendous power although the numbers does not show it. Other Toyota/Lexus vehicles that shares this engine are the Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS300, Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC300 and many others.

The 2JZ-GTE is also the powerplant for one of my favorite car. It is the Toyota Supra Turbo. It is a more powerful version and comes with a Twin Turbo configuration. This engine pushes the car to 320 Hp and 315 ft-lb.

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